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Elizabeth Drinker’s tips about remedies noise more hair-raising than her signs

“Dyspepsia” — an umbrella term when it comes to numerous types of indigestion — had been a near-universal problem, also it’s no surprise, provided the unsanitary conditions under which meals had been slaughtered and prepared. It had been more often than not combined with “peevishness, doubts, worries, wander- ing thoughts and absurd fancies,” reported Benjamin Waterhouse, a physician that is late-eighteenth-century ended up being one of the primary faculty users at Harvard healthcare class.

She attemptedto cure her child of just exactly what Drinker called “worms” by dosing her with “Venice Treacle,” a concoction whoever five dozen components included liquor, opium, and honey. Bleeding ended up being a prescription that is favorite. It absolutely was predicated on a theory that is ancient real distress was created by a lot of bloodstream when you look at the system. Or even the incorrect sort. The true attraction had been most likely simply if he had a plan that it was something the doctor could do, to look as. Continue reading